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Roberto Lopardo – Mappings



(In collaboration with Cuadro Gallery, Dubai)

The exhibition displays selected works from The Mappings Project by Cuadro Gallery artist, Roberto Lopardo: Mapping Latitude 45 Longitude 123 and Mapping Kuwait.

The Mappings Project engages the artist in a photographic experience in which one photograph is taken every minute continuously during a 24-hour period resulting in a total of 1,440 images. The photographic residue, presented as a monolithic grid, is sequentially ordered in 24 rows (one row per hour), with each row containing 60 columns (one column per minute). Each project, which is captured in a different location, results in a singular work of art.

Mapping Latitude 45 Longitude 123 began at the end of an overgrown dirt road in the middle of Yamhill County, Oregon, USA. The land was situated far from anywhere and left to its own methods things were growing and living as only they could. The first image was taken at 12PM on August 16th 2011. As the project unfolded and the ever-growing visual residue became manifest, infinite layers of repetition were recorded. Over and over again, the lines and light, the colors and textures repeated. Eventually, as the artist’s heart rate and eyesight settled into the new environment, what had originally appeared similar now became evidently different. By the design, the project ended where it started, since the way in was also the only way out.

Mapping Kuwait City began at sunrise at 5:21am on April 16th 2012 in the vicinity of the Kuwait Towers, a landmark that has come to symbolize the birth of modern Kuwait. As the collection of imagery multiplied, the seamless manner in which the city visually embraced its past while still welcoming its future became ever apparent. The images unearth older architectural gems that sit tranquilly aside chic modern day monuments to architecture. At times a street corner is turned and it appears as if the cacophony of visual input will forever undermine all sense of order but somehow Kuwait manages to keep returning to itself. It is a city in which things and places and people feel as if they have always sat comfortably next to one another — each playing their role in an ever-unfolding drama.


Roberto Lopardo was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1975. He carries a Masters of Fine Art from the Rhode Island School of Design, a teaching certificate from Brown University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Philosophy from Whitman College. Lopardo has been exhibited in many prominent venues including the RISD Museum, the US Consulate in Dubai, the Tenri Institute in New York, Video-Appart in Paris, and Emerson Gallery in Berlin. Lopardo has also curated several prominent emerging artist based exhibitions including No More [In] security, Basically Human, Rituals of Dinner, Sheep are Welcome, and Latent Discoveries. Roberto was recently awarded a New York University (NYU) research fellowship. Lopardo is represented by Cuadro Gallery, Dubai. 


Founded in 2008, Cuadro Gallery, located in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), has quickly become one of the UAE’s premier post-modern and contemporary art venues. Cuadro Gallery maintains four key areas of focus: exhibitions, education, residency and consultation. Cuadro’s curated exhibitions provide audiences with an opportunity to experience diverse approaches to and executions of art. These exhibitions are enhanced by the Education Program at Cuadro, comprised of lectures, workshops and panel discussions that present an academic avenue through which to understand and participate in the evolving art market. The Residency at Cuadro offers a select group of artist’s studio space, accommodation, career mentoring and exhibition opportunities in the UAE. The artists, both local and international, are often also provided the opportunity to exhibit the work they have created at Cuadro at the end of their residency.

Cuadro also provides qualified art consultation services for its discerning collectors, building on existing collections and helping to establish new collections.

Through these initiatives, Cuadro maintains its commitment to dynamically engage the local and international art community.

The solo exhibition will remain open from 16 September – 9 October 2014.SONY DSC Mapping Lon. Lat.