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Cloud 9


Exhibition dates : 7th – 30th May


Cloud 9, a curated group exhibition that includes painting, photography and sculpture, in collaboration with DEAN PROJECT gallery, New York. 

The Artists included are:

  • Lluis Barba (Spain)
  • Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers (collaborative, United States)
  • Laurent Elie Badessi (France)
  • Bryan Drury (United States)
  • Michael Dweck (United States)
  • Nicholas Kashian (United States)
  • Brett Murray (South Africa)
  • Reinaldo Sanguino (Venezuela)
  • Hunt Slonem (United States)

Expressions of happiness and euphoria are the common theme in this exhibition, though the works explore these ideas using different modes of inquiry.  While some feature a literal representation of imagery associated with these concepts, others incorporate historical, social, and spiritual references to evoke ideas of happiness and euphoria. 

The works by Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers and Reinaldo Sanguino are based on the idea of desire, an emotion typically associated with the search for happiness. Utilizing seductive materials forms, and surfaces, these artists’ works produce representations of popular culture that serve as signifiers of desire. 

Brett Murray, Bryan Drury, Hunt Slonem, and Laurent Elie Badessi treat materiality in their works (either physically or as language) as a vehicle for pondering existential questions, ultimately leading to a sense of euphoria in the form of thought. 

Lluis Barba and Nicholas Kashian make use of imagery, color, and form to create compositions that activate the viewer’s senses, guiding each in a visual search for rewarding moments of recognition and sensory pleasure in their work. 

Michael Dweck’s photographs capture moments, people, and places from Havana, Cuba, and take the viewer on a social and historical journey to explore the island’s privileged culture. These postcard-like images call to mind instances of happiness and euphoria. 

Cloud 9 brings together a sampling of works to explore the differing ways—how, when, and what—that a “Joyful Moment” could be defined in a particular work of art.


Exhibition Dates & Timings :   Opening Night :  Tuesday, 7th May, 2013 ; 7 – 9pm

Wednesday, 8th May ; 10am – 4pm & 7 – 9pm

9th May – 30th May, 2013; 10am – 4pm (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays)