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Nadia Al-Foudery : Savage Donkey


A powerful new exhibition entitled “Savage Donkey” by Kuwaiti artist Nadia Al-Foudery will open at the Sultan Gallery on 23rd May, 2012 . The exhibition features black and white photography combined with embroidery.

“This exhibition presents my world view in black, white, and sometimes a little pink,” say Al-Foudery of her latest work. “Beginning – end. Man – woman. Life – death. Love – hate. Mother – child. Attraction – repulsion. Health – sickness. Poverty – wealth. Youth – old age. Intimacy – distance. Passion – apathy. Fertility – sterility. Harmony – chaos. War – peace. And so on …Dual forces can be symbolized by the black and white of the zebra. This duality defines life.”

Al-Foudery’s “Savage Donkey” exhibition follows two dynamic prior showings at the Sultan Gallery. Her first exhibition in Kuwait, “Yazd: A Thread of Light Through the Bazaar,” showcased abstract photo-embroideries from the bazaar in the mud brick town of Yazd in Iran, and her second “A Requiem for Old Kuwait,” highlighted the heritage buildings that have been knocked down in the last fifty years to make way for new commercial developments. Al-Foudery’s work has also been widely exhibited outside of Kuwait, including at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in Greece.