1. Artie says:

    With the bases loaded you srtcuk us out with that answer!

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  5. Mark Buehrles no-hitter against the Texas Rangers on 4/18. The Sox won 6-0. Jermaine Dye hit a grand slam, and Jim Thome hit two solo home runs.

  6. What you seem to be saying here is that the notion of goodness and morality must be grounded in something. I agree. I think it makes more sense to ground goodness in the nature of a supreme being than to ground it in evolution or naturalism, which I do not believe have the philosophical basis for grounding an ought.

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  8. It makes perfect sense that the fittest in an environment will be a community that helps each other out. One would expect altruism to be a sucessful survival strategy for a species.

  9. Youre probably waiting in the wings to (once again) fire off that age-old retort as soon as I finish posting this: Well then, whats the point of having a moral objection if theres no objective way to hold anybody to it? To which I will say, No morality is objective. Not even the ones supposedly offered by God in the Bible. In order for any morality to be objective, there must be an external standard that enforces its truthfulness. There is no such standard; I am free to act how I please, in whatever appalling manner I choose.except that I have my personal morality, which I have explained to you at length in this very post and many others, to give me many good reasons not to behave in such a manner. In order for morality to be objectively true, it must enforce itself, as the rules of logic and physics do. Morality does not enforce itself; therefore, it cannot be objectively true.

  10. The whole point of Jack blowing up the bomb was because he was hoping to stop the plane from crashing AKA save everyone who died. When Juliet died, she stated, It worked. Im fairly certain at this point that it does not matter who dies because they are not really dead. I presume that the realities will merge or possibly, once the island drama is done, they will all die or that reality will cease to exist and the bizarro world will be the only one left. In either case, I could not feel that bad for those kids dying because I am not convinced that its permanent.

  11. However, the above article illustrates the potential pitfalls of a newspaper writing articles about itself, especially self-congratulatory articles. The requisite journalistic standards of objectivity and skepticism appear to have given way to cheerleading and unsubstantiated claims. Someone should have stepped back and said, Wait a minute. Is this true? Its not too late to do just that.

  12. CG, you have to tell us what your score was on those SF lists. I was thinking of you all day. Plus: Lever 36, baybee.

  13. His phrasing is often erratic. I have not heard a single interesting musical idea by this pianist so far. His fingers are fast.The worse of all is his grimaces, as if he is discovering some deep secrets of the music he is performing. Excellent digital technique, but not much musicality.

  14. Really enjoyed this post, is there any way I can receive an alert email every time you publish a new post?

  15. 2. Has Cher entered the recording studio yet?Cher has not yet entered the studio or begun recording any material. As soon as new info is available, it will be posted on Cher.com news.

  16. Heres a link to the first one. Someone animated the episode.

  17. hockessin says:

    I too would love to see Shawns questions answered and see links to the source code. If you are going to claim you are open source then we need to see it.

  18. lewes says:

    I have a great diet. Youre allowed to eat anything you want, but you must eat it with naked fat people. ~Ed Bluestone

  19. I dont know why I cannot thumbs up someones answerSo I very much agree with the Red Zinfandel answer. It has a bit of zest to it that would compliment the hot turkey club perfectly! It depends on taste though. If you are not an experienced wine drinker it may be a bit too much. The fall back safety would be a pinot, and even safer a simple chardonnay.

  20. 8. The Larry Sanders Show. Makes Seinfeld look like a pussy when it comes to exploring showbiz neuroses.

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