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  15. I think this is just one of those things that happens with serilised TV. As it takes place over such a huge course of time, it is impossible to know how things will unfold. Sadly, Mr Ekos lack of sufficient redemptive arc was one of the many things that couldnt be avoided because of the medium used to tell the story.

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  17. hockessin says:

    Isnt it clear that the characters died in this episode because their redemptive arcs were over? Sayid had come back from the dark side, Sun and Jin had gotten back together and sworn never to part again. Since Boone died, thats the way it has been on lost; thats the way I think it always will be. The only exception I can think of is Locke his death was under particularly special circumstances and I wouldnt be suprised if they revisit Lockes death in some way by the finale.NO major character has died this season, and it needed to be done to show that MiB is serious and to put the other characters into new positions. Think about it, the episode after the next is called (SPOILER) What They Died For. If that doesnt stink of character motivations, I dont know what does. Its simple logic: Friends die > You get angry > You want to avenge your friends. The remaining characters need to be emotionally involved in the conflict against the MiB for it to mean anything to us.All of that is not to mention the fact that their deaths were hugely emotional especially the other characters reactions to them. It was a perfect example of lost taking a time-out to let the audience feel the moment (still with a greater narrative purpose).For Gods sake, why cant people just sit back and enjoy the show without assuming that the end game has already arrived?WE DO NOT KNOW THAT IN THE END THE CHARACTERS WILL BE BOTH ALIVE AND DEAD (and to be frank, the writers of lost wouldnt go down such a cliched path, considering that they have stated time and time again that The End will be the incontrivertable END.)

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