still from lubdub01


still from lubdub01

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  5. It all starts with pitching. Who besides Zambrano is effective and durable? Can crybaby Rich Hill develop into a decent starter?

  6. Enough Takemitsu, he certainly seems like a very put together musician. I dont thing any young pianist has the potential to overwhelm with the Faust transcription or else I dont think they would be in this competition. Outside of an extreme few performances captured in the past century of the work, more often than not performers have a tough time holding the piece together and in the end, all we really want to hear is the excitement at the end. But I must give our pianist credit for really trying to be imaginative and playful in the middle section. But unfortuately, again a case where the odds are overwhelmingly against any pianist, no matter the talent.

  7. I agree with Brad Hill who wrote What I’m hearing a lot on this board is outrage that a serious competitor violated the calcified modern conception of what the standards should sound like.

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  9. A mate of mine has actually suggested spending the week after 21 May ringing random fundie organisations just so ask: So you lot are still there then? Whatdye make of that? An idea I consider utterly inspired.Élise Hendrick´s last blog ..Ron Paul and the Dysfunction of the American Left

  10. No.. not for a while signing Soriano for so long will haunt them i hate them to they stole Soriano from the Phillies who were supposed to get them and they spent like 300 million to upgrade their team when all other teams spent 100 million max.

  11. And still theres no explanation for how your deity believing something makes it any more objective. If a tyrant God believed that torturing innocent people was ok, would that make it so?

  12. 2. The concept of a peaceful, happy life for me might be one in which I terminate all who disagree. Is my brand of peaceful, happy life just as moral as one in which we all cohabitate with no conflict?

  13. But I love both Spark, and White Coat, and in the spirit of the game: I think both Tammy and Ben may have hypothyroidism.

  14. To note a passing that will be less noticed one of the last links to Hollywood silent films, and a centenarian actor to boot, died this week Dorothy Janis, who turned 100 last month. She is best (only?) know for her role as Tito, Ramon Novarro half-white love interest in The Pagan (W.S. Van Dyke/1929), one of the last silent films. She did not survive sound; she was in her late teens when she made this (she was very pretty, although not remotely exotic looking. She retired shortly after, married bandleader Wayne King, whom she survived after he died after 52 years of marriage.

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  16. @Chris: Im sure Brad and his team will start loading up the gallery, and will migrate material from the other WordPress multimedia site as well. The gallery here has a much different look and feel, but will get the job done. Im glad youre still checking in with us from time to time. You did some outstanding work here. Brad and his team continue to do the same.

  17. How would you definitively characterize the monster as evil? Without any kind of burden of proof, youre left with dangerous hearsay and innuendo. Most of the characters have been cast into this morally ambiguous area. I dont know how go into setting the final act without that kind of clarity provided by the last episode.

  18. Having just spent a year taking care of my slowly dying father, seeing Hereafter really affected me, because it deals with the connection of the dead and dying to the living. Like the french journalist in the film, I discovered that no one wants to acknowledge the altered state in which you find yourself after you have been intimate with dying (not quite the same as being intimate with death). Remember in one of the Harry Potter books that the children always arrive at Hogwarts pulled by horseless carriagesor so Harry thinks? After he experiences first hand the death of a friend, he can see that the carriages are in fact pulled by beautiful black horses, and realizes that only people that have seen death first hand can see the horses. (I think its black horsesit might be black dragons). Anyway, the point is that I felt very grateful to Clint for addressing this hugely significant aspect of livingknowing dyingAND addressing the fact that our culture wants to keep the experience as sterile as possible. Made me go on a mini Clint Eastwood jag, re-watching Gran Torrino and everything except the Dirty Harrys (yuck).

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  20. I was so sorry to read about your visit to your son, Chris. It must be heartbreaking for you. I was glad to see that he will be transferred to a place where he can get help for his addiction and where there are Christians. I will be praying for him!

  21. Dieters live life in the fasting lane. ~Author Unknown

  22. I believe that is an interesting element, it made me think a bit. Thanks for sparking my considering cap. Every so often I get such a lot in a rut that I simply feel like a record.

  23. […] No Hurry; Browns Not in a Rush to Extend Crennel’s Deal (Browns Gab) Published Jan 28 2008, 10:36 AM by barrymcbride […]

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  28. WHY would he do that if he had nothing to hide. What is going on here?

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