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Golnaz Fathi : Ride Like the Wind

Golnaz Fathi first encountered calligraphy while studying graphic design at Azad University in Tehran.  Recognizing her passion for the art form, she went on to pursue her calling at The Calligraphy Association of Iran.

Her relentless devotion earned her an award for Ketabat (a specific genre of calligraphy) – she was the first woman to have ever received such an award.

Tiring of the austerity inherent to the discipline, she began to experiment with new means of self expression. Thus, her new style was borne.

Characterized by bold colors juxtaposed to the thick black strokes that comprise her profound text, Fathi’s work expresses emotions so strong they defy traditional language.

Join us at The Sultan Gallery for Golnaz Fathi’s exhibition “Ride Like The Wind,” taking place from April 6th until April 22nd!

Find your way to Sultan Gallery!


Find your way to Sultan Gallery

Norma Isa Figueroa : Ancestor’s Dust


Sultan Gallery invites you to attend “Ancestor’s Dust,” an exhibition of clay works by visual artist Norma Isa Figueroa. Architect and historian, Figueroa derives inspirations from both fields to manipulate soft clay into tiles, imprinting them with images that seem to show up during the process. Her formation as an architect provides the necessary structure to the compositions, whilst her training as a historian brings forth the ease with which she tells a critical tale.

In this exhibition, Figueroa’s work is infused with notions of the veil, and the dichotomy of being the observer and the observed, in an effort to bring an awareness of the place women are placed, or place themselves, according to different agendas. As the media emphasizes the Muslim world, the hijab, a visual marker of difference, becomes the target of political projects. Depending on the discourse, the “women of cover” are either oppressed women forced into submission, or totally free in choosing their lifestyle.

Figueroa has lived and worked intermittently in Kuwait since 1983. Her clay work has been exhibited in Switzerland, Japan, Kuwait and her native land of Puerto Rico, receiving awards in the last three. Besides teaching at GUST University, she is currently preparing a studio to offer instruction in clay in expansion of her pedagogical agenda.

Norma Isa Figueroa’s exhibition, titled “Ancestor’s Dust” will be at Sultan Gallery from March 23rd – March 25th.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Reem Al Faisal : Shape of Light


Reem Al –Faisal is a Jeddah born photographer who graduated from Manarat High School in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and studied Arabic literature in King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah.   Later, she went on to pursue a career in Photography in Paris, France.   She now divides her time between Paris, where her photographs are developed, and Jeddah.

Reem’s photography exhibit “Shape of Light” will be at  Sultan Gallery, from 16th February-11th March, 2010. In this exhibition, the photographs of Reem Al-Faisal engage the senses and capture the very essence of the shape of light.

“I like to define myself as a Muslim artist, sprung from my native Saudi culture and history. In my art I am seeking to show signs of the Divine in nature and in Man” -Reem Al Faisal

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